About us

NABAS offers polyclonal chicken antibodies (IgY) customized to your antigen, specifications and quality requirements

NABAS is a biotechnology company located 40 kilometers south of Oslo, Norway. Our products are highly purified antigen specific polyclonal chicken IgY antibodies, customized to fit our customers applications, specifications and quality requirements. We where ISO 9001:2008 (NS-EN ISO 9001:2008) certified in 2016 and work under these principles.   

The avian equivalent of IgG, IgY, is isolated from the egg yolk of hyperimmune chicken eggs. Hyperimmune eggs are defined as eggs laid by chickens repeatedly immunized with the selected antigen. The antibodies are isolated through a series of carefully developed biochemical processes and ultimately analyzed to secure a high level of quality.

Chicken antibodies from eggs

Our production process for chicken IgY antibodies represents an animal friendly and efficient method of antibody production that does not involve any bleeding or sacrificing of animals.

Chicken antibodies from NABAS are currently being used in a range of commercially available IVD products such as turbidimetric assays, lateral flow tests and ELISA kits manufactured by our customers in China, USA and Europe.

Our R&D personnel will be happy to assist in the development of specific IgY antibodies for your diagnostic product. We also have a range of standard products in stock, freely available as samples.
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