Chicken Antibodies

NABAS' production process of polyclonal antibodies represents an animal friendly and efficient method of antibody production as the antibodies are extracted from eggs laid by chicken.

Chickens produce immunoglobulins functional equivalent to mammalian IgG, termed IgY. IgY is actively transported from blood to egg yolk, and the antibody concentration is higher in the egg yolk than in the bloodstream. At NABAS IgY is isolated from egg yolk of hyperimmune eggs. Hyperimmune eggs are eggs from chickens that have been repeatedly immunized with an antigen of choice. Purifying chicken antibodies from egg yolk is highly efficient in terms of both amounts and costs. 

Our IgY Production is considered animal friendly by not involving any bleeding or sacrificing of animals that is a major issue in the production of the mammalian equivalent IgG.
Chicken Antibodies Chicken Antibodies

Chickens lay approximately 6 eggs per week, which give rise to an amount of antibodies that in case of IgG would require sacrificing or bleeding of several mammals

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Our polyclonal chicken antibodies (IgY), products may be delivered as either complete IgY or the antigen-affinity purified antibody fraction

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