Chicken Antibodies

NABAS is dedicated to the humane practice of producing polyclonal antibodies from chickens. Chickens produce an immunoglobulin similar to IgG, called IgY. IgY is actively transported from blood to egg yolk, and the antibody concentration ultimately is higher in the egg yolk than in the bloodstream.

Avian IgY is the functional equivalent of IgG in mammals. Chickens lay approximately 6 eggs per week which give rise to an amount of antibodies that for IgG would require bleeding and/or sacrificing of several animals. At NABAS IgY is isolated from egg yolk of hyperimmune eggs. Hyperimmune eggs are eggs from chickens that have been repeatedly immunized with an antigen of choice. Purifying chicken antibodies from egg yolk is highly efficient and does not involve any bleeding or sacrificing of animals.

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