Point of Care

NABAS develops cutting edge immunoassays, for the use in human and veterinarian Diagnostics. NABAS has more than 20 years of experience in producing chicken antibodies and more than 40 years of experience with the development of diagnostic tests. These POC immunoassys allow the study of biological systems by tracking different proteins and hormones and improves diagnostics both in regards to welfare and quicker treatment.
NABAS are developing a new and improved vertical flow immunoassays that allows for the use of small whole canine blood samples to be tested for the analysis of canine C-reactive Protein using immuneparticles. This test will be launched in Q1 2019. 
Immunoassays are important tools in both human and veterinary medicine and research. Information gained by clinical immunoassay testing has shortened hospital stays and decreased the severity of illness by assisting medical staff in rapidly identifying and assessing the progression of disease, thereby leading to improved therapeutic choices. 

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